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What we do?

Cybernet is the leading Internet and data communication network service provider. We deliver systemic tech solutions to our clients by offering high speed internet, crystal clear voice calling and HDTV services. Today Cybernet has successfully established the launch of PEACE cable which joins Pakistan to international borders, optical fiber or FTTH facility helps spread the fast speed internet all over Pakistan)

At the core of what we do is to create an environment that is favorable to both businesses and consumers. In a technical environment that is always evolving, the PEACE submarine cable system assists the country in maintaining global connectivity.

“We have finished a critical portion of the PEACE underwater cable system, from Pakistan to France,” said Maroof Ali Shahani, COO of Cybernet. “This will have a significant influence on the digital environment in Pakistan”.

The final splicing of the Pakistan-Egypt PEACE stretch has enabled connection from Karachi, Pakistan, to Marseille, France, making it ready for service.

The 5,800 km long Pakistan-Egypt PEACE section connects Zafarana, Egypt and Karachi, Pakistan.

What we offer?

Our teams have the chance to work with cutting-edge software, computer networks, cloud computing, non-linear television, and other technologies.
Through the deployment of the PEACE submarine cable system, Pakistan has an access to high-speed, large-volume internet bandwidth with express connectivity to France.

Why we do it?

Cybernet helps their employees innovate their lives by pushing their boundaries that helps them unlock their full potential. Here you are allowed to take literal benefits of our offerings and use it to serve for a higher purpose.