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Cybernet offers a Global MPLS solution through peering arrangements with a diverse set of international partners from all over the world. Our unmatched connectivity comes with a set of performance standards like managed latency, dedicated bandwidth and robust QoS that will truly add value to your business.

ION is Cybernet’s state of the art buried fiber optics network. Built with local conditions and best in class standards in mind, Cyber ION offers bandwidths from 1Mbps to 1Gbps per port. With Cyber ION, your organization can invest in a truly future proof network.

ClearVoice is one of the most reliable methods of communication within, and outside the organization. Under ClearVoice, we’re offering various enterprise voice solutions such as Landline, PRI, SIP Trunk and other Value Added Services.

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Our sales teams will ensure that your business’ technology needs are met with the latest and most effective solutions from Cybernet. Your Sales Account Manager will champion your business’ requirements within Cybernet and work with various technical teams to propose crisp solutions that provide you the best fit in terms of technology, reliability and value.