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Close to two decades long, Cybernet’s experience in the field of telecommunications, integration and implementation has been unparalleled. We provide our customers with reliable maintenance and support services, which included:

  • Fiber based Backhaul
  • Dark Fiber
  • Duct Leasing
  • Managed Service of BTS Backhauling
  • BTS Backhauling consultancy

Real-time Monitoring: Cybernet has well developed processes and procedures fleshed out for the following activities and can offer the same as a service to any operator:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Diesel fuel level
  • Is your Generator(s) running?
  • Is the Generator Contractor in?
  • Transmission (if present) Battery voltage.
  • BTS / Transmission Battery Charge / Discharge Current.
  • BTS container internal temperature.
  • Generator Fuel Level.

Notification and reminders

  • Automated notification of Low Fuel + reminders.
  • Automated notification of Critical Faults + reminders.


  • Alert/Indication when the Generator is fueled.
  • Alert when the mileage increases beyond the expected limit.
  • Alert/Indication when the doors open/close.
  • Alert/Indication when the AC is on/off.
  • Alert/Indication when there is a sudden dip in the fuel level.
  • Alert/Indication on generator failure.
  • Alert/Indication on generator suddenly starting/stopping.
  • Alert/Indication on AC failure.
  • Alert/Indication on Inverter failure.

New BTS Development: Cybernet offers services for the new BTS development in case of shifting or roll out of any new city:

  • Survey and planning for the best suitable site.
  • Coverage area and other constraints.
  • Cost planning of Project and possible extension.
  • Development designing, hardware procurement and delivery.
  • BTS erection, installation & configuration.
  • Maintenance and Support contract for hardware and services.
  • Power management services (UPS, generator and air conditioning).

Installation of Equipment: Relevant equipment at BSS (BSC/BTS) sites, activities include:

  • Installation of BTS equipment – Indoor / Outdoors.
  • Power mains supply with Feeders / Jumpers connections.
  • Clamping and earthling fixing etc.
  • Civil Works and related amenities.

Commissioning, Integration and Testing: Cybernet can undertake various test plans for integration of various elements:

  • System Configuration & Translations etc.
  • Coverage Test (Drive Test).
  • Interference verification.
  • Interfaces & Protocol check.
  • System Acceptance Test.

Operational Testing: Essential linking and connections can be tested for smooth operations:

  • Data link & Reverse Data link test.
  • Software verification and NVM Updates.
  • Traffic channel test.
  • RF TX Power calibration.