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Disaster recovery is acknowledged as a crucial element of any organization to ensure business continuity during emergencies. On grounds of practicality, it’s nearly impossible to protect each and every aspect of a company’s operation from vulnerability and disruption. Issues are prone to occur whether they are caused by hacker attacks, compromised machines within the network, computer viruses, hardware failure or natural disasters. What matters is how flawlessly you recover from this. This is only possible when you have a plan in place to guard your informational assets and ensure their availability post-disaster to maintain the company’s overall productivity, data integrity and business survival.

Cybernet offers disaster recovery solutions and locations to its customers who wish to keep their business continuity up and running at desired instances. Our services are designed to satisfy your needs across a spectrum of environments and platforms. Our purpose-built facilities in major cities are available to customers that will help them overcome the challenges of business continuity and points of failure.