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Cybernet’s ‘Data Center Services’ encompasses all of the technology and facility-related components or activities that support the projects and operations of a data center. Our data center services include any service that helps plan, design, manage, support, update and/or modernize data center equipment, software or facilities.

Cybernet’s own data centers are constructed and designed to the highest standards of the TIA-942 framework and are upgraded constantly through implementation of the newest and latest technologies and standards. Cybernet’s data is also ISO 27001:2013 certified ensuring maximum physical and logical security of customer equipment.

Our Support services for the data center include technical support which provides assistance to help solve problems related to technological products. Cybernet’s technical support services for data centers help address challenges with the servers, storage, software and networking equipment that comprise a data center or related processes involved in managing data center equipment. Data center support services also include installing and configuring technical equipment.

Cybernet’s consulting and integration services provide the expertise and input to help your organization make strategic decisions and system integrations. Cybernet’s Technical Consulting Services will navigate your organization through the application of technology that includes selecting or designing new technology, redesigning existing technology, migrating existing technology to a new environment, or integrating upgrades into existing technology.

A few examples of Cybernet’s experience with technical consulting services, specific to Data Center Services, have been in the selection of a new data center location, consolidation, virtualization, automation, redesigning data centers for cloud computing, implementing storage arrays, or incorporating offsite storage services into an existing network.

Cybernet’s provides a complete IT infrastructure, outsourcing services to its customers in its state of the art TIA-942 compliant ISO 27001:2013 certified data center.

These IT services could either be a disaster recovery solution, data storage solution or other IT-related solutions. Cybernet’s outsourcing services for data centers can range from hosting, managing and maintaining an entire data center to more discrete data center tasks such as upgrading servers or backing up data.

Cybernet’s ASP services include web hosting, e-mail hosting and a range of application services that can also include any service that helps companies develop, integrate or manage applications for their own networks. Services of this nature often include applications for mobile environments and devices.