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Through the passage of time, conventional network infrastructures as well as services like Frame Relay and ATM have exhausted their full potential, resulting in the discovery of a more advanced technology capable of accommodating the maximum number of sites with multifaceted network topologies. IP VPN is an economically viable managed networking solution for today’s dynamic enterprises, as it offers a secure, reliable and scalable communication network.

Cybernet makes use of native Multi-Protocol label switching (MPLS) network infrastructure to enhance its offering of a private IP network for small and medium corporate customers. Private-based MPLS network furnishes better security and control in comparison to public-based MPLS network.

Cybernet offers end-to-end complete solutions for network connectivity, providing flexibility and adaptability through tailored solutions and maximum coverage. We offer two sorts of MPLS VPN services:

Layer 3 MPLS based services
Key Features and Benefits

  • Flexible first mile access port (GE, FE, STM, E1, DSL, Satellite)
  • Highly scalable and fully redundant backbone architecture
  • Separate backbone for MPLS and Internet traffic.
  • MPLS with Traffic Engineering support. It empowers us to offer unmatched services in terms of guaranteed bandwidth, delay and jitters.

Layer 2 MPLS based services
Key Features and Benefits

  • Ethernet over MPLS (EoMPLS)
  • Any Transport on MPLS (AToM)
  • Scalable and redundant backbone architecture

Cybernet’s MPLS supports Class of Service by allowing real-time, mission critical, transactional changes as per customer needs. Based on Class of Service attributes, Cybernet offers three packages:

Premium: Designed to carry real-time traffic with strict requirements in terms of end-to-end delay, jitter and packet delivery.

  • High priority
  • 100 % Backup/Redundant path on Core Network

Business: Designed to carry mission critical traffic with strict requirements in terms of packet delivery, jitter and delay constraints.

  • Medium priority
  • 50 % Backup/Redundant path on Core Network

Standard: Designed to carry standard business applications without any strict requirement in terms of packet delivery and delay constraints.

  • Low priority, Best Effort Delivery
  • No Backup/Redundant path commitment on Core Network